Application of multi-layered conveyor in production

Conveyor systems increasingly play an important role in the production of companies and businesses. Conveyor belt conveyors are widely used in many systems, which help them to save a lot of money, time and manpower.

Conveyors with their special capabilities, most of them are used extensively in construction items that are macroscopic or an indispensable part of industrial factories.

Conveyor systems are usually designed simply, easily detachable and looped, easy to control operation. However, when the operators operating the conveyor belt operate need to know some basic inspection principles to help ensure the stability of conveyor systems, production lines.

- The first principle: Thorough inspection of all components and conveyor belts has been properly installed, ensuring electrical safety techniques.

- Principle 2: Regular maintenance, inspection of engines, oil spills or engine oil checks (oil and oil) are periodically checked to ensure the durability of the conveyor.

- Principle 3: New equipment purchased or installed should run a quality assurance test to timely detect defects such as deflection, remove obstacles that obstruct the movement of the conveyor belt, ensure proper belt tension .

- Principle 4: Check the source of the conveyor system, conveyor belt as well as the entire power system in the factory to ensure that there are no electrical problems, power switches and circuit diagrams are well protected. affected by the outside.

System operators need:

- Check the entire system every day before commissioning.

- Specially consider the gear reducer and conveyor couplings

- Pay attention to the rollers in the conveyor belt, be sure not to wear down, heat up or stop working midway for timely replacement and repair of conveyor belt.

- After the conveyor stops running, double check again, can be cleaned or adjusted as needed.

Only regularly applying the above principles into operation will ensure that the conveyor belt system in your plant is durable and works best.

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