Differentiating conveyor, bucket, load screw

Conveyor products, buckets, screws are used to transport industrial products, helping businesses save time, money and labor.

Distinguishing conveyor belt, load screw and bucket loader

- Conveyor is a device for conveying material in continuous streams.

Conveyor system

- Bucket loader: It is a continuous material conveyor but has a pulling device.


Bucket loader

- Screw loader: It is a continuous material handling device thanks to the twisting wing.


Advantages and disadvantages of conveyors, buckets and loading screws

Conveyor: Conveyor has the advantage of transporting large, large, smooth and less damaged material. However, it is not durable when working in a hot environment.

Bucket loader: Load bucket has the advantage of transporting large material, can climb and work at high temperature. However, it also has the disadvantages of high cost and texture, heavy weight, inconvenience when moving.

Screw loader: The load screw has the advantage of being a simple fabrication of transport material in the tube to avoid dust. However, it also has the disadvantage of not transporting large size materials and low productivity

Depending on the purpose you decide to choose the conveyor, bucket or screw load it!

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