How to troubleshoot a conveyor belt problem while in operation

Conveyors used in industrial production are quite popular because of the utility it provides, which helps to reduce labor in the process of work, continuous operation non-stop for a long time so it is easy to encounter some failure problems. while running.

For example, rubber conveyor belts during the mining of coal, ore, or PVC conveyor conveying materials, conveyors may experience stretching, slipping or breaking of belts, at the same time Continuous operation of the tape is also susceptible to abrasion. All conveyor problems always cause damage to the company because it has to stop production for repair.


You can avoid the problem of conveyor belts when choosing the right conveyor belt for the transmission product. And you use the inverter, inverter is a device that converts alternating current at this frequency into alternating current at other frequencies. It has the additional effect of loading some machinery in industries such as paper machine loading, paper cutting machines, packaging; Presses for presses, blowers, extruders, film coatings in plastics. By accurately controlling the speed and torque of the motor, it can prolong the life of the conveyor.

Using inverter, the conveyor belt is able to run smoothly on the whole loading route, not affected by the shape and curvature of the distance. Thanks to that, your company can save energy and maintain conveyor. In addition, if a joint of the conveyor need to be repaired, the inverter will drive the conveyor belt to the correct position for easy repair. In addition, the inverter also simplifies the design of conveyor systems, reducing investment and maintenance costs. In some cases, the transmission can be completely removed, increasing the conveyor system efficiency.

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